Kind Kits


Kindheartedly makes "Kind Kits", care packages for girls in foster care homes containing a new outfit, basic fashion and grooming essentials and inspiring, self-esteem boosting items to help ease their transition into foster care. All "Kind Kits" are packaged in backpacks, in order to help eliminate the "trashbag crisis". Read more about the trash bag crisis here

A “Kind Kit” Includes

- A backpack to put the "Kind Kit" in 

- Journal and / or coloring book

- Colored pencils and pens 

- makeup (mascara, eyeliner, blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss, chapstick, etc;) 

-Hair brush, hair ties, leave in sprays, treatments, etc; 

- Other accessories such as hats, sunglasses, jewelry, etc; 

- Books appropriate for girls ages 10-17

Please note that we can not accept any donations of items that are not brand new, or that contain a nail file or razor. 

What is the importance of these items? 

We are giving girls the opportunity to explore and embrace their personal style and creativity through fashion.  Cultivating good grooming practices and their own sense of style will empower girls through knowing that they can look good and feel good.  Girls in foster care are on a journey filled with changes in their family life, living situation, possibly a change of schools, and adolescent body changes.  Developing their own look will help them appreciate their own individuality and empower them from the outside, in.


how can i donate a "kind kit"? 

To donate a "Kind Kit", click here.