The idea behind “Kindheartedly” started three years ago, after our founder and Executive Director Kaitlyn Marie Sciarrino started volunteering at Maryvale Orphanage with her mom, Christine Sciarrino. Maryvale Orphanage is located in Rosemead, California, and is a temporary placement for girls who are the victims of "prior abuse, abandonment or neglect and suffer from the effects of numerous failed placements in foster care facilities”. After volunteering at Maryvale for about a year, Kaitlyn launched a fundraiser when she was in 8th grade that raised over $10,000 in donations for the girls of Maryvale. Kaitlyn was eager to find a way to continue fundraising for Maryvale, and jumped at the opportunity to join a year long entrepreneurship class. Through the course of the college-level business class, Kaitlyn learned about everything she would need to launch Kindheartedly. At the end of the program, Kaitlyn had a 40 page business plan, and gave a presentation to a panel of CEO's, and won seed funding that would help her officially establish Kindheartedly. With the help of Chase Law Group, Kaitlyn formed a 501c(3) non-profit organization, and went through all of the necessary steps to officially establish Kindheartedly in the state of California. After a year of hard work, Kaitlyn created Kindheartedly, a non-profit organization and fashion blog, to help empower girls from the outside, in. Our vision is to provide girls entering the foster care system with a Kind Kit containing a new outfit, basic fashion and grooming essentials and inspiring, self-esteem boosting items to help ease their transition.  Kindheartedly’s vision is to empower girls to be the best representation of themselves.  We are a volunteer-driven organization that counts on surrounding communities and donors to provide resources for foster youth. We are giving girls the opportunity to explore and embrace their personal style and creativity through fashion.  Cultivating good grooming practices and their own sense of style will empower girls through knowing that they can look good and feel good.  Girls in foster care are on a journey filled with changes in their family life, living situation, possibly a change of schools, and adolescent body changes.  Developing their own look will help them appreciate their own individuality and empower them from the outside, in. Kindheartedly looks forward to serving girls in foster care homes and orphanages across the country.